Questions about how the programs work and cost.


Q: How does your mentoring program work? Also, there were multiple offers and various prices? What does it cost?

A. Yes, I offer various prices and programs. Please go to for full detail. The programs work like this: Based on technical analysis, I teach students to recognize predictable market patterns that occur over 60% of the time in the market, and learn to take advantage of those patterns.

I keep the trading rules as basic as possible using minimal indicators. My system focuses on support and resistance, market patterns, and volatility. That combined with solid money and trade management has made the system consistently profitable since it's creation.

I offers three different mentoring courses which are three months in duration. One for day trading. One for midterm trading, and one for advanced day trading. I keep the cost of his mentoring low by emailing detailed charts to students at the end of each trading day. (From midnight to noon Eastern time).

The charts explain in detail why a trade should or shouldn't be taken and why. They show all the valid trading signals and adheres to strict trade management stops to maximize profits while minimizing losses. Students review his chart with theirs to determine their daily trading progress. Within a month most students are taking the same trades as Jon and the system rules.


Q. Do you have a live trading group?

A. Yes I do. It is run by a senior trader which is offered free of charge. It's an informal group where students can watch as trades are taken using our unique trading system. Students can discuss setups, current trades, share ideas, trade along and help confirm the trade rules with each other. It's a great way to bring students together who share a common goal. For legal reasons we can't give investment advice, only trading decisions per our trading rules.

Q. What do I get for the $247.00 VIP Combined Program?
For $247.00, I include the midterm program with the day trading program, A free Trading Tape, Spreadsheet program, Live Trading room, and more..

Q. If I purchase all three for $297, when do I graduate and do you include mentoring for the

A. If you purchase the $297 program you graduate 12 weeks after you start mentoring. You study the course before you start mentoring. After you graduate you are offered to renew your mentoring for 50% off. The Advanced program is free.