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One of the Top Rated Forex Mentoring Programs and Trading Systems available. 12 weeks of Mentoring, Two Trading Systems, Live Skype Trading Room, Statistics Worksheet to track how you are doing, and more! Invest In Yourself in 2014. Great Price! Spring Special. 20% off. Was $197.00. Now $157.00! Limited Time Only.

You Can Be Successful In Forex

You are Interested in Forex to make extra income or make a better life for yourself and family.

I've been a Professional Trader for 21 years. I've traded Forex since 2002, 10 years. I have Successfully Mentored Thousands of Students since 2004, Nine Years.

If you are looking for an Honest Forex Mentor who can help you realize your dreams look no further.

I teach students to be independent traders. If I show the trades you win for a day. If I teach you to trade you have a career for a lifetime.

I am committed to helping you succeed if you are willing to follow the program and learn the rules. Below I explain about the program and the contents. Please take a minute and review. Thanks.

I'm the real deal. I do this to "Pay it Forward" and help people avoid Forex Scams. The ones that I fell for years ago.

Do you have what it takes to be Successful in the Forex Market?

YES!. My trading system is a completely different concept that uses Price Patterns, Support and Resistance, and MA's. No confusing indicators.You need to understand the Laws of "why" the market acts as it does. I have tried every indicator there is. It only confuses you as you watch the indicators to tell you what to do instead of watching the market in front of you. The Price Action will tell you everything you need to know to trade successfully. There are three market conditions that can occur anytime. Trending, Non-Trending, and Range markets. My system shows you how to identify each one and trade it accordingly. You don't trade a trending market like a non-trending one.

You start to understand the natural movement of the market. Like any new skill during the first few months will be spent learning the system and rules. After that you will start mentoring and practicing those rules with our Live Trading Room. Me and my team will guide you every step of the way. You can email me anytime and I will send you daily charts showing all the trades taken per the rules. We also have a outline of all rules and flowcharts. Included is statistical spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. It will show you the trades you are best at and the one you need to work on.


What is the Price Of your Time?

Sure, you can buy a stand alone trading system. It may not cost as much as a system with a trading room and full support, but how long will it take for you to learn and understand a plethora of rules by yourself? Will you get frustrated and possibly quit before figuring it out, at the expense of the cost of the program as well as your time?

Or, you can invest in yourself and purchase my mentoring program which would give you not only the trading system, but three months of support as you learn it. Having the coaching support each trading day will considerably shorten your learning curve and increase the speed it will take to become a successful trader. What is the investment of a proven program as well as your time worth to you?


It's important to have a mentor/coach to help and get support for three months. As one student said to me:

"I started mentoring a few months ago. After after having tried tons of systems over several years, both cheap and expensive, which were absolutely rubbish, I had the feeling that there was definitely more to this mentoring course and it was worth pursuing the learning. Now I don't regret I did it. The system is devised in a way that makes everything clear through a set of rules after assessing the current market conditions.

The most important part, which can be considered the ultimate rule required, is the mentoring from Jon and the live trading group. Jon sends out a chart every day highlighting the trades occurred that same day, plus promptly responds to my emails of any doubts that I have.and has never lost his patience in helping me every time. I consider FFE my personal Holy Grail, meaning that I got the knowledge of the market I was lacking of and I have the impression I know the point I am at any moment in time and what the market is doing. This is actually the very first time, since I started my trading career, that I know what to do before, and more important, during a trade. Some of my friends who have joined appear to be happy too.

Commitment and focus is required, and with the highly recommended help provided by Jon's time, pips will be coming day after day. I make treasure of it every day. I will never thank Jon enough for sharing and mentoring on this wonderful strategy which has allowed my trading account to get some nice figures with sound consistency. Thank you Jon. Angelo G."


More Testimonials:

From the Forex Peace Army guys:
"Hello John,
The FPA keeps improving. Y
ou've got one of the best ratings on the FPA.

Best regards,
Bill K.

Thanks Jon, I appreciate it greatly. I love learning your system. And for what's it's worth you are a great mentor. I always pay attention to your comments on the charts. I like how you put those on there. Stuff like "don't have enough confidence in today's price moves to add another lot here". Seeing stuff like this lets me know what and how a professional trader looks and trades the market. Victor

I still use FFE and I'm very successful with your system. I make every month 800 till 1200 EUR profit average. I'm very confident in my trading and take very good positions. This all is possible because you helped me very much !!
Thanks again!!! Martin

This is the only system I have ever seen that consistently proves its results on a daily basis. At the end of the day Jon provides a daily review of all FFE trades that he has seen. And he is profitable almost every day with this system. He is not faking it. We all see the results. It is difficult and requires a lot of daily repetition to get the rules in your head. When they finally start to soak in, you make profits. It is a system for all types of markets, both trending and sideways. It is not perfect, but it is a damn site better than anything else I have seen in my 5 years of full time forex trading. Thanks, Dennis


Monthly Forex Results from our Two Trading Systems.

March 2014 End of Month Trading Results
Trading EUR/USD, One Pair, $1.00 Mini Contract.

Day Trading Course
73 trades.

62 Winning Trades.
11 Losing Trades.
Net Profit +$900.00 pips.
Ratio of Win/Loss 2.41 to 1.00.
% Profitable 82%.

Midterm Trading Course
7 Trades.
6 Winning Trades.
1 Losing Trade.
Net Profit +$222.00 pips.

Ratio of Win/Loss 1.50 to 1.00. % Profitable 83%

What I have to offer you:

•A reliable, consistent Forex Trading System that works in all types of markets.One for Day Trading and one for Midterm Trading.

• A Mentor who will guide you through the learning process for three months.

• A Live Trading Room run by senior leaders who show you the correct way to take the trades. Open from 12:00am to 12:00pm.

• Daily Charts emailed to you that shows all the valid trades per the systems rules and the profit/loss that was made.

• A Spreadsheet Program that as you enter your trades will give you instant feedback on your Trading Progress.

• Two Checklist Outlines to use while trading. One detailed and one outlined. All the rules on one page at your finger tips.

• A Leverage System that can be used to increase your profits quickly while adhering to the money management rules.

• You can email me anytime about any questions you have. I have students from all over the world. Will get back to you ASAP.

• A Fair Price for my Trading System and Mentoring for 12 weeks.

• References on Request.

•30 day money back guarantee.


Free Live Trading Room:

The Group Leaders Take Real Time Trades as they occur. You can participate in the group conducted by our group leaders. It's an informal group where students can discuss setups, current trades, share ideas, trade along and help confirm the trade rules with each other. It's a great way to bring students together who share a common goal of Forex Trading. You get Live Trading and at the end of the trading day a charts confirming all valid trades! Two for the price of one!

[7:09:22 AM] Angelo: As I have said FFE does forgive mistakes, as long as we adjust in time and follow the rules.

[7:09:45 AM] Angelo: I think of the News Time trades as a way to reset our wrong beliefs.

[7:10:47 AM] Angelo: Good thought, but clever findings of Jon ;)

[7:12:41 AM] Dennis: It's interesting to think of the type of mind that it takes to formulate a system like this. So many possibilities. And I mean this in a very complimentary way.

[12:05:28 PM] Jim: The FFE rules, Jon...are excellent as they follow market fundamentals

[12:15:16 PM] Jim: FFE works so well because it follows market fundamentals....that is the conclusion I am coming to the more I study FFE

[12:42:28 PM] Jim: Yes....I agree with Angelo....this is the best system I have found in my search since about 2007

[1:00:10 PM] Jim: It is most definitely NOT a scam

(We also talk about trade setups, when to take trades, and when to use the trailing stops and exit. To quote them here would give away trade secrets)

New Spreadsheet Statistics Program:

Enter your daily trades into the spreadsheet program and get instant feedback on your Trading Results. If you are serious about becoming a trader this spreadsheet will help you meet those goals and save you a lot of time in trying to figure you your strengths and weaknesses.

Comments from students about the Spreadsheet Program: Your system is great as it is. The spreadsheet has made it even better. Without tracking through a spreadsheet, it virtually impossible for one to know where he’s good at and where he needs to improve. A spreadsheet is a must for anyone that trades according to your systems rules. After a few weeks of using the spreadsheet, I see the advantages of using it.





Forex VIP Mentoring Program

Get the Day Trading and Midterm Trading Programs, Live Trading Room, Statistics Template, Volume Analysis, Eight Bonus Ebooks, and Three Months Mentoring For Only $197.00 My Reputation says it all. (Rated 5 Stars! *****) From Forex Peace Army and 613 Positive Feedbacks on Ebay, no Negatives. 20% off Sale. Now $157.00

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