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One of the Top Rated Forex Mentoring Programs and Trading Systems available. Offering 12 weeks of Mentoring, Two Trading Systems with Mentoring , Statistics Worksheet, Trading Video, Bonuses, and More!


Three Trading Systems and Four Mentoring Programs to Choose from:

New Forex Personalized Mentoring Program

Forex Scalping Trading System and Mentoring Program

Forex Day Trading System and Mentoring Program

New Forex Midterm System and Mentoring.

About Us:

Strategic Trading Systems offers Forex Mentoring Programs and Forex Trading System Ebooks for sale to the general public. When you purchase our Mentoring Program you will receive links to the Forex Trading Material and 12 weeks of Mentoring/Coaching. I consider it the best Mentoring Forex Systems available at a very reasonable price because it helps you become the trader you want to be in a short amount of time. Our goal is to provide you the tools necessary to become an independent Forex Trader who can make a career out of trading for years to come.With practice and dedication you can become that person. I will mentor you and guide you through the learning process as you learn to trade. The Programs are of incredible value.


Program Objective:

The bottom line is to make money. The beauty of Forex is it can change your world for the better financially. You can make a very good living and do it on your own terms. The downside is, it can also change your life for the worse financially if you do not know what you are doing or try to do it alone. So what do we all need? Someone who has been there and done it who can show you the ropes and shave years off your learning curve. Someone who has the knowledge and expertise of the Forex market.

I am the person that can help you. I have 26 years of trading experience and 14 years in the Forex Market. I started Mentoring 14 years ago to help frustrated individuals and ensure they have the education and guidance to learn to be independent Forex traders. Yes, YOU can learn to Work Independently for Yourself and Create Unlimited Income. What is Unique about my Product? It has Consistently made profits, through all Market Conditions, 14 years! I Train and Mentor Students to give back to the community and help others as I was once helped. I have mentored over 1500 students and have three different trading systems, written by me, to fit all needs. The Mentoring course is 12 weeks long. It includes the Trading System ebook, a Trading Video, Statistical Spreadsheet, and much more. The new Personalized Mentoring adds four weeks of advanced one-on-one training and can be taken after learning the other courses.


Introducing New Red Flag Trigger Signals

Increases Profits up to 80%. This signal hones in on the best times and areas in the market to Enter Winning Trades and Exiting Profitable Ones. Works on all time frames, 1m, 5m, 1H, etc. Included Free with all systems for sale here. One student went from 20% W/L to 90% W/L after perfecting this signal. These signals are worth the price of a system alone. Don't waste time with unprofitable systems and rip off sellers who promise and don't deliver. Do yourself a favor and get your own unique Trading System or Systems Now. The testimonials here and on Forex Peace Army (Link at top) give me 5 stars! You won't be disappointed.


A Choice of Trading Systems to fit your Style and Personality: *

Some individuals like to trade quickly, entering and exiting the market many times for a small profit, that adds up over time. Two Different Trading Systems and Three Mentoring Programs are offered to fit all your Trading Preferences. Descriptions of the Programs are below.

Forex Personalized Mentoring Program: *

For the student who seriously wants to become a consistently successful trader. You work with me one-on-one on a daily basis for four weeks. I evaluate each and everyone of your trades and give recommendations and suggestion to apply to your trading the next day.This is an advanced program. Minimum requirement is learning the FFE and Scalping trading systems first. Click the link at the top of the page for Forex Peace Army testimonials about the program.

Forex Scalping System and Mentoring Program: (Best Selling and Most Profitable of them all) *

This is the most profitable trading system I have ever developed. The Scalping uses 1 minutes charts to pinpoint trade opportunities faster. You can trade all day from 12 midnight to noon or a little as 1 to 4 hours and still make a good profit! Most days average 150 to 300 pips a day for Aggressive Trades. and 50 to 100 pips a day for Conservative Trades. We use EUR/USD but the system works on all pairs and all time frames. The system is different than traditional scalping systems. Instead of being in a trade for minutes, the average time of a trade is 30 minutes to an hour or two. The best times of day to trade for maximum profit are 2:00 am-6:00 am and 8:00 am-12:00 pm Eastern time (-5:00 GMT), Trade one session or both. The program offers 12 Weeks of Mentoring, and a Statistics Spreadsheet program to log your trades.

Forex for Everyone Day Trading System/Mentoring: *

This Trading System is the main system that has been consistently profitable for 14 years. Using Five Minute Charts and utilizes market dynamics and flow to make the best trades for all market conditions. It uses basic technical indicators like support and resistance levels, moving averages to gauge trends and common price patterns such as double tops and bottoms for optimum market entry. Sound stops and money management rules are used to maximize profits and minimize losses. Includes 12 weeks of Mentoring, Ebook, Statistics Spreadsheet, Trading Video, and eight Bonus ebooks come with the program.

Forex Midterm Trading System and Mentoring: *

Introducing the Forex Midterm Trading System and Mentoring Program. This program was created for people who are unable to sit in front of a computer screen and daytrade due to other obligations like having a full time job. It is a short term position trading system that takes 1-7 trades a week and averages about three. There is no need to constantly watch the computer screen. All you have to do is log in 2-3 times a day and spend a few minutes to see how the trade is doing. The stops are set, and you can place limits so there is nothing to worry about.

All Mentoring Programs are Listed Below.

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My four best Mentoring Programs available:

The Forex Scalping Strategy mentoring program uses 1M bars to Scalp the market. Most profitable system I have. Averages $2,080 Mon.

The Forex for Everyone mentoring program has worked consistently for 14 years. It works with the Scalping strategy. Averages $1,377 Month.

The Midterm Mentoring Program is for trader s who can't sit at a screen all day. It uses 1H bars. Averaged $460 for two months.

The Personalized Mentoring Program is the best Program I have. It comes with the FFE and Scalping programs included. After you learn both programs I take you to the next level by Personally Mentoring you for 4 weeks every day, personally viewing your trades and giving helpful advice to improve your skills even further. All Programs are affordable. The programs except the Personalized program comes with 12 weeks of mentoring. Click the blue description above to go to the web page that will give you more detail. Unlimited Income limited only by the student.



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