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One of the Top Rated Forex Mentoring Programs and Trading Systems available. 12 weeks of Mentoring, Two Trading Systems, Live Skype Trading Room, Statistics Worksheet to track how you are doing, and A New Trading Video!



Extended Scalping Mentoring Program until May 01, 2015. Most Popular and Profitable Program yet! Only $99.00


Take Advantage of this offer now. Last Time offered: This will most likely be the last Scalp Mentoring I can do. I have partnered with my wife to help her run her business. I can trade there as I work with her. I will probably semi-retire in a few months and continue to help her while trading also. I'll continue mentoring, but my time will be limited to the Forex for Everyone Day and Midterm Mentoring Course only. The course will run from February 2 to April 24th, 2015. Special Reduced Price of $99.00.

Recent Compliments: "I would like to tell you, how much I appreciate your trading style and your effort, to turn me into a quite profitable trader. Its not just that I open trades due to some indicator setup, but you have helped me understand the market movements. With that I have tools to understand market dynamics and how to trade different market conditions. This totally fits my trading style. I already freaked with the FFE system, but the scalping system topped even that. Then its not only that you generously share your system with me, but give me so much support with your reviews, the trading room and questions you answer personally, which really has the power to make me money trading forex. Thank you so much for all the support you are giving me. Kind regards, M. Bartel"

"Rating: ***** by Karsten G (Posted on Forex Peace Army)
Date of Post: 2015-01-09Review: I have been a student of Jon's for a long time. I earned a living for a few years, but quit to work outside for awhile. I always knew I would come back to the FFE and Midterm trading with Jon. Not being the brightest bulb in the chandelier, it takes me a long time to internalize a system. When Jon told me about the Scalping system I figured I would give it a try. The Scalping system was very easy for me to pick up. After 8 weeks I feel I have the system probably 75% internalized. Luckily, that's enough for me to make more pips per day than anything else I have tried. Jon cares about our success. He responds to our email questions, and adds time to the mentoring if he cannot fulfill the full weeks trading. This is the last system you will ever buy."


One Weeks Scalping Results - January 12-16, 2015:

Aggressive Trades Totaled +1,032 pips

Conservative Trades Totaled +394 pips

Optional Trades at Retracement areas with the Trend Totaled +1,263.


Three Weeks Forex Scalping Results:

15 days Trading

Aggressive Trades Totaled +3,288 pips

Conservative Trades Totaled +1,363 pips

Optional Trades at Retracement areas with the Trend called 's' trades, Totaled +2,857 pips


Program Objective:

Why do we all really want to Trade Forex?

The bottom line is to make money. The beauty of Forex is it can change your world for the better financially. You can make a very good living and do it on your terms. The downside is, it can also change your life for the worse financially if you do not know what you are doing or try to do it alone. So what do we all need? Someone who has been there and done it who can show you the ropes and shave years off your learning curve. Someone who has the knowledge and expertise of the Forex market.

I am the person that can help you. I have 22 years of trading experience and 12 years in the Forex Market. I started Mentoring 10 years ago to help frustrated individuals and ensure they have the education and guidance to learn to be independent Forex traders. I do this to give back to the community and help others as I was once helped. I have mentored over 1500 students and have three different trading systems, written by me, to fit all needs. The Mentoring course is 12 weeks long. It includes the Trading System ebook, a Trading Video, Live Trading Room, Statistical Spreadsheet, and much more.


A Choice of Trading Systems to fit your Style and Personality:

Some individuals like to trade quickly, entering and exiting the market many times for a small profit, that adds up over time. Others like to take it slow and steady and have the patience to watch a trade for a few weeks. I offer three different Trading Systems and Mentoring that fits all your trading preferences. If you are not sure the best system for you, just email us at and we will help you. Buy the Mentoring Programs or the Ebooks alone. Choose from Three Programs Below.


Forex Scalping System and Mentoring Program:

This is the most profitable trading system I have ever developed. You can trade all day from 12 midnight to noon or a little as 1 to 3 hours and still make a good profit! Most days average 150 to 300 pips a day for Aggressive Trades. and 50 to 100 pips a day for Conservative Trades. We use EUR/USD but the system works on all pairs and all time frames. The system is different than traditional scalping systems. Instead of being in a trade for minutes, the average time of a trade is 30 minutes to an hour or two. We trade using one minute charts. You can buy 7 week mentoring program. (Note: Extending the mentoring program. Runs for 12weeks only. One time offer.) First 4 days of Trading made +458 pips. See more results below.


Forex for Everyone Day Trading and Midterm Trading Systems and VIP Mentoring Program:

Two Trading Systems for the price of one. This trading system is the main system that has been consistently profitable for 10 years. Using five minute charts, the system utilizes market dynamics and flow to make the best trades for all market conditions. It uses basic technical indicators like support and resistance levels, moving averages to gauge trends and common price patterns such as double tops and bottoms for optimum market entry. Sound stops and money management rules are used to maximize profits and minimize losses. The Midterm Program uses hourly charts for midterm trading and averages one to four trades a week. It is combined with the Forex for Everyone system. You get two systems and mentoring for the price of one. This system uses Fibonacci levels and retracements' to determine the general direction of the trend. Once a trend is established we stay with it until it ends. Ideal program for the person who cannot sit in front of a computer screen and trade for any length of time. You just need to check the market every four to six hours.


Deluxe Forex VIP Program:

The Best Program offered at the best price. Get the Scalping System, the Forex for Everyone System, and the Forex Midterm System all for one low price. Learn to trade different timeframe's or pick one for a different currency or varying times of the day. Mentoring is included and all the bonuses. Limited time offer. See details below.


Forex Scalping System


Amazing New Scalping Trading System:

Introducing a new trading system utilizing one minute charts. This is the best and most profitable trading system I have ever developed. You can trade all day from 12 midnight to noon or a little as 1 to 3 hours and still make a good profit! Most days average 150 to 300 pips a day for Aggressive Trades. and 50 to 100 pips a day for Conservative Trades. We use EUR/USD but the system works on all pairs and all time frames. The system is different than traditional scalping systems. Instead of being in a trade for minutes, the average time of a trade is 30 minutes to an hour or two.

There are two entry and exit strategies. One is conservative and one is aggressive. The conservative method is safer and more reliable but makes less profits than the aggressive method, which has more risk but more chance for profit.

The secret is trading the one minute chart as you use the five minute chart and volatility as a guideline for major market levels. On the 1M chart there are trends in all types of market days. We take advantage of these small trends that last from 30 minutes to a few hours. In a trend the market naturally retraces from two to four times before the trend ends. We add to our initial trading position up to three times in a trend. This is how we make large profits in a small amount of time. The only indicators we use on the 1M charts is three exponential moving averages. That's all you need.

The profits seem unbelievable but 100% true. The results are for the EUR/USD from midnight to noon Eastern time. But you can still make great profits trading only 1-3 hours a day. The Scalping System was tested in all market conditions and worked great in all of them. For actual trading results click on link below.

Included in the Mentoring package is the Live Trading Room, the Statistics Spreadsheet, Eight bonus ebooks and a copy of the Forex for Everyone day trading system and the Forex midterm trading system.

You will receive 3 charts at the end of the trading day. One 5 minute chart showing all the major levels we watch as we trade the one minute chart. And 2- 1 minute charts that cover the whole 12 hour trading day. Each chart has approximately three hours of trading on it.


Forex for Everyone and Midterm Trading System and Mentoring



Forex VIP Mentoring Program

Program Objective:

We teach students how to be an independent Forex Trader in 12 weeks or less. After learning the trading system you being trading and following the rules as we guide, coach, and mentor you to help you define the correct setups, learn proper money management, and how to exit a trade for maximum profit and minimum loss. Soon you will be able to spot the trades yourself and be on your way to a successful career in the currency markets.


Trading System Structure:

Our Trading System uses a Completely Different Concept than other programs out there. Using Price Patterns, Support and Resistance, MA's, and Trend you see the Basic "Truth" of the market. No confusing leading or lagging indicators. You will understand the Laws of "Why" the market acts as it does and you'll learn to trade watching the market in front of you, in the moment. Market Dynamics is the Holy Grail.

The Price Action will tell you everything you need to know to trade successfully. There are three market conditions that can occur anytime. Trending, Non-Trending, and Range markets. My system shows you how to identify each one and trade it accordingly.

You will learn the rules of the system the first few weeks before you start mentoring. When you start mentoring you will start taking demo trades using those rules with our Live Trading Room. My team of senior traders and I will guide you every step of the way. At the end of the trading day you will receive charts of the current days trades taken per the rules of the system.

After comparing my chart with your trades if you have any questions email us and we will clarify any question you may have. Included is an outline of all rules and flowcharts so all rules are at our fingertips and a statistical spreadsheet so you can keep track of your progress. It will show you the trades you are best at and the one you need to work on. A free bonus you will receive is a Trading Video that takes you Step by Step through the three types of Trading Days that occur.


What you will Receive with the Course:

• 12 weeks of Mentoring, five days a week by a trader with 22 years experience.

• A Mentor who will Guide, Coach, and Mentor you till you master the skill of Trading.

Two Reliable, Consistent Forex Trading System that works in all Types of Markets. Two Ebooks.

• Free Trading Video. See the Trades in action. Setup, Entry, Money Management, and Exit.

• A Live Trading Room run by senior leaders who help you daily from 12:00am to 12:00pm Eastern time.

• Daily EOD Charts emailed to you that shows all the valid trades taken.

• 8 bonus ebooks including Advanced Techniques.

• Spreadsheet Program that as you enter your trades will give you instant feedback on your Trading Progress.

• Two Checklist Outlines to use while trading. One detailed and one outlined. All the rules on one page at your finger tips.

• Leverage System that can be used to increase your profits quickly while adhering to the money management rules.

• 30 day guarantee. All we ask is you try the mentoring for two weeks. The simplicity will astonish you.

• A new stop that can be used that can will give you an extra 5-10 pips on a trade. (Not in the ebook for security reasons).


Free Trading Video That Shows our Trades in Action.

I have created a Trading Video for the Forex for Everyone Day Trading System and the Forex Midterm System. It shows the Three Type Days we Trade, Trending Days, Non-Trending Days, and Range Days. The Video will take you Step-by-Step through a Full Trading Day. You will watch as the Market Sets Up for a Trade, Entering the Trade, Managing the Trade Using Different Stops, and finally Exiting the Trade. All according to Forex for Everyone Trading Rules. Worth the price of the course alone.

Feedback about Video:

"Jon the videos are a godsend! I feel they are a perfect compliment to your program. I have spotted quite a few things I do differently than you (to my detriment.) Personally I think these videos would come in handy to any new trader after they have been trading for a month or so, That way they still learn the fundamentals from the e-book, make some mistakes, and then watch these videos and use them to plug what leaks they have had when they are trading. Great job my friend!" Geoff B.


Monthly Forex Results from our Two FFE Trading Systems.

January 2015 End of Month Trading Results
Trading EUR/USD, One Pair, $1.00 Mini Contract.

FFE Day Trading Course
20 Trades.
16 Winning Trades.
4 Losing Trade.
Net Profit +687 pips.

Midterm Trading Results
3 trades.
3 Winning Trades.
Net Profit +874 pips



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Feedback from Students:

From the Forex Peace Army guys:
"Hello John,
The FPA keeps improving. Y
ou've got one of the best ratings on the FPA. Best regards, Bill K. FPA"

"I started mentoring a few months ago. After after having tried tons of systems over several years, both cheap and expensive, which were absolutely rubbish, I had the feeling that there was definitely more to this mentoring course and it was worth pursuing the learning. Now I don't regret I did it. The system is devised in a way that makes everything clear through a set of rules after assessing the current market conditions. JK

The most important part, which can be considered the ultimate rule required, is the mentoring from Jon and the live trading group. Jon sends out a chart every day highlighting the trades occurred that same day, plus promptly responds to my emails of any doubts that I have.and has never lost his patience in helping me every time. I consider FFE my personal Holy Grail, meaning that I got the knowledge of the market I was lacking of and I have the impression I know the point I am at any moment in time and what the market is doing. This is actually the very first time, since I started my trading career, that I know what to do before, and more important, during a trade. Some of my friends who have joined appear to be happy too. Commitment and focus is required, and with the highly recommended help provided by Jon's time, pips will be coming day after day. I make treasure of it every day. I will never thank Jon enough for sharing and mentoring on this wonderful strategy which has allowed my trading account to get some nice figures with sound consistency. Thank you Jon. Angelo G."

Thanks Jon, I appreciate it greatly. I love learning your system. And for what's it's worth you are a great mentor. I always pay attention to your comments on the charts. I like how you put those on there. Stuff like "don't have enough confidence in today's price moves to add another lot here". Seeing stuff like this lets me know what and how a professional trader looks and trades the market. Victor M.

I still use FFE and I'm very successful with your system. I make every month 800 till 1200 EUR profit average. I'm very confident in my trading and take very good positions. This all is possible because you helped me very much !!
Thanks again!!! Martin A.

This is the only system I have ever seen that consistently proves its results on a daily basis. At the end of the day Jon provides a daily review of all FFE trades that he has seen. And he is profitable almost every day with this system. He is not faking it. We all see the results. It is difficult and requires a lot of daily repetition to get the rules in your head. When they finally start to soak in, you make profits. It is a system for all types of markets, both trending and sideways. It is not perfect, but it is a damn site better than anything else I have seen in my 5 years of full time forex trading. Thanks, Dennis D.

Jon's mentoring is second to none! He willingly shares his knowledge and presents two different strategies for winning in this market, for an astonishingly low price. His mentoring is excellent value for the money, with daily charts and briefings that reinforce the information in his eBooks. His long-term method is definitely one I will continue to use, simply because it is amazingly accurate and simple. And in case you are wondering, I am not an affiliate, nor do I benefit in any way from this testimonial, except to maybe pay Jon back some of the value I have received from his training program. Owen W.

Good program, good person, I would recommend his course to anyone struggling with the forex markets. I learned a great deal from Jon Levine his is an easy to understand program that I believe can improve anyone's trading, It made me a better trader. Its good to know that there are people on the internet who are honest and will give you your money's worth. Juan N.

Jon is a straight shooter with very practical advice and guidance. With his start up package there was over 500 pages of good material that was very beneficial (for a very good price), but most helpful to me was seeing his charts every day about how he has traded. Jon obviously has a lot of experience and his daily charts have helped immeasurably. Also his willingness to answer emails about specific questions has also been very helpful and his advice very wise. I like the fact that he keeps it simple with the knowledge that integrating that simplicity does take work, patience , experience and wise mentorship such as he offers. John W.

This is undoubtedly the best course that I have seen...the system is simple but very effective, the price quite affordable and JL does not hesitate to answer any queries. I have read the first ebook a couple of times and have put it into practice on my demo account with very good results. This is no magic formula, you still need patience, discipline and good money management. Siva.

I know a lot of people will say how good the results are, how many pips a month, etc. For me, the first part of the mission is accomplished: 20 pips a day. I am already averaging 20 pips a day, which is a big result, and the reason i am so happy is i have been with Jon for about a month and a half. That is it. 2 months, and you are averaging 20 pips a day. Very good results. Jason W.

Awesome, awesome!!! Now, i am very skeptical person, and rarely satisfied with something, just my nature. I have to get the most out of it to like it. Very unique system. High win ratio. I don't want to reveal any info, but the system uses a technique, that may seem like nothing, i figured thanks to that we rarely lose. You can get an average of 400 pips a month, with 15-20 pip stop loss. I have not seen it before. Once I learn to apply the system like Jon does, my goal is at least 30-40% monthly return. Terry S.

Jon is definitely the best mentor I have ever had in my trading career, I have been taught by a few mentors, but none of them have ever shown the time and patience that Jon does on a daily basis, and he is very timely. I always get great help when I ask Jon a question about trading or the charts, he is very attentive and does genuinely care about his students learning to trade and I see a man that is willing to give his time for such little cost, definitely the best course that anyone will come around in their trading careers. Howard G."



Choose from Three Programs

The Scalping Mentoring Program

The Forex for Everyone Day and Midterm Trading Mentoring Program


The Best Deal of all! Buy all 3 Programs and Save $100.00! The Deluxe VIP Program


Forex Scalping Mentoring Program

Get The Forex Scalping Trading System and weeks of Mentoring for Only $99.00.


Or Buy the Scalping Trading System Ebook and examples for only for $99.00*



Forex Day and Midterm Trading VIP Mentoring Program

Get the Day Trading and Midterm Trading Programs, Live Trading Room, Statistics Template, Volume Analysis, Trading Video, and Three Months Mentoring For Only 197.00.


Your Cost: $197.00


Or Buy the FFE Trading System Ebooks and the Trading Video Only for $99.00*


The Deluxe VIP Program

Get all three Trading Programs and Mentoring for only $297.00

A link will the material will be emailed to you within six hours due to time differences.


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